You take pride in your property. You want it to look stunning inside and out. AFJ Landscaping & Maintenance, Inc. can make your property shine with landscape design in Marietta or Smyrna, Georgia. Meet with our team of landscaping pros to discuss your goals and preferences. We'll make recommendations based on the local climate and the layout of your property. Once you've approved a plan, we'll get to work.

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Sometimes it is hard to imagine a new or renewed landscaping for your property, but with our experience, creativity, and knowledge, we confidently walk you through our thinking process to enhance your landscape. We have an eye for improving any existing landscape to create a new appealing look and environment for you and your property.  

Whether you are looking to redo your landscaping, add some ornamental landscape plants, trees, or seasonal flower beds to your residential or commercial property we are ready to achieve your goal of creating a colorful, beautiful atmosphere through landscaping. 

Learn more about our landscape design process by calling 770-434-5107 now. 

landscape design marietta ga

Sod installation

We specialize in sod installation, both warm and cool season grasses. The best time to install warm season grass is during the spring through the summer. The best time to install cool season grasses are during the early spring or fall. Instead of waiting for the grass to grow, restore green to your yard almost instantly by planting sod.

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Mulch and pine straw installation

Cover up unsightly spots where grass won't grow, and help keep the flowers in your flowerbeds healthy. Choose between red, brown, black, cypress mulch or pinestraw

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Stone work

Add depth to your yard with stone steps, prevent erosion by building a retaining wall or use a boulder as a centerpiece in your yard.